Welcome, we would like to introduce you to Exemplar Global, Inc.

Exemplar Global Incorporated is a world renowned provider of professional credentialing, and training certification. Our business provides you credentials of your competence and capability through personnel certification. Training courses and their outcomes can be certified against international requirements for training delivery and examination best practice. Our College offers continuing professional development to our certified professionals. iNARTE credentials Engineers in the electronics and telecommunications industries. Our business activities ensure we are the thought leaders and influencers of best practices of competency-based certification through Laureate; and we look for ways of providing recognition for communities with our Gratiis services for those who support others charitably.

Please explore our brands and our offerings, we have a vast array of partners, programs and opportunities for you to start and enhance your career path.


Our Sydney office is relocating with a transition phase until early December. We appreciate your ongoing support and will do our best to answer your enquiries during the transition.


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