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Exemplar Global is RABQSA, iNARTE; we are global leaders in developing personnel and training certification products for professionals and training providers. We provide proof of your skills and courses that demonstrate competency and provide a competitive advantage. Visit our 'Who We Are' section to learn more.





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Our Happy Customers

I want to thank you for the professionalism shown by you and RABQSA. In the 16+ years I have been certified I have never experienced a more timely processing of my application. Continuous improvement has been demonstrated and appreciated by a satisfied customer.


Thanks for much for your advice. Two of my auditors from Sydney [told] me how RABQSA works and how all of you do so much to help not just in Australia but around the globe. I never really knew how much RABQSA does until I went to your website and was just amazed at the level of your services. For me and for those who very seldom, if ever, express our gratitude, please allow me to say a big hearty THANK YOU and WELL DONE for all you do for all of us around the globe.


Just a note to let you know how extraordinarily helpful your staff was when I called for information regarding applying for RABQSA certification. Despite the fact that the situation is not at all straightforward, she listened carefully, was extremely knowledgeable about numerous requirements, offered several suggestions on alternative pathways, took the time to answer questions and discuss my concerns, and helped me figure out exactly what I need to do to make everything fall into place.  This is an example of customer service at its finest! Thank you very much.



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